Mostafa Ahmed El-Halawany


I'm Mostafa Ahmed El-Halawany, an event and wedding photographer based in Cairo.

Event - Fashion - Wedding

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Average daily rate

1000 – 2000 EGP


Wedding/Engagement Party


Capturing the wedding/engagement party for more than 400-500 photographs, unlimited shots with full flexibility and professionalism. I will be shooting for 4 to 6 hours unlimited photographs without rest or even saying no to anyone at the party.

Photo session pre-wedding/engagement


Capturing the session whether it will be indoor in a hotel or outdoor in any garden or in street or in location with about 80 to 100 photographs with different poses with some shots mixed like: Groom alone Bride alone Bride and groom Bridal friends an

Half-day both photo session + party


Same details like above but with less price

Full day package


This package includes the above packages: Party and photo session In addition to the make up and hotel shoots preparations